Look Your Gorgeous Self With these Makeup-Tips

Look Your Gorgeous Self With these Makeup-Tips

Wedding makeup tones are simple and often very neutral, although it is an art to create as it has to be just perfect. It  is your special day and is should be!
Whether you are laughing it off or shedding the odd tear, dancing away, hugging everyone or diving into the  buffet your makeup should last all day. To counter all these situations you will have to apply mascara that is waterproof and the makeup on the skin that will hold-up well. The right makeup is a well balanced act, not too much to prove how well you apply makeup and at the same time highlight your best features. You would want to keep it simple yet pretty!

If you are planning on hiring a makeup artist on the day you are getting hitched it is important to discuss what you are expecting from your makeup. Discuss colors with the make-up artist, if you are going for something bolder try the look in advance. The day belongs to you and you should be happy in the styles of makeup you will wear above all be comfortable in it. Also keep in mind the climatic conditions for the day, if its going to be hot or cold you will want the makeup artist to make adjustments accordingly.

Read on how you can wear makeup for hot and humid weather which I demonstrate at a real wedding at the beach.
Makeup artists are aware of this but keep in mind that multiple layers  foundations appear differently in photographs and with natural lighting. It would be a good idea if you can get your makeup trials done in advance and test photographs using a flash before the big day. You would also have to artistically blend your foundation down the neck and your arms and back (if the will be exposed) to ensure that it does not mismatch with other parts of the body. If you are getting facial treatments do so in advance so that it does not leave the skin irritated and spring-up surprises on the day.

Eyebrows is another part that you need to pay attention to. Avoid plucking the eyebrows on the day of the wedding as your brows may end up red, sometimes swollen or even irritated, schedule it to be done a few days before the big day.
Also, if you are going to be wearing contact lenses, put them on before the  makeup is applied.
Although you may be stressed out leading to the day you tie the knot, try your best to keep calm as stress may cause impurities in your skin. Keep a check on the food you are consuming and stay away from sugars, lot of milk and carbonated beverages. Ideally you would want to stick to veggies and fruits.

The tools of the trade!

Face Primers for long lasting makeup: skin looks smooth and helps in filling up pores and also helps in makeup lasting longer. I recommend Benefit “The Porefessional”

Concealers: to hide imperfections in the skin
Green: reduces redness
Yellow reduces dark circles
Lavender neutralizes yellowness
I recommend : Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

Foundations for the perfect skin
Check in natural light as well as artificial light that the foundation matches your skin tone
Added tip, take a few photographs to check how the base like.
I recommend:
Revlon Colorstay

Must Know Makeup tips for your big day

Must Know Makeup tips for your big day

Your gown undoubtedly is the first element of looking your best on your Big Day, after which your make-up would be get you to look your best with a radiant glow as an enhanced version of yourself.

  1. Just like you would book a photographer after looking at his previous work you should schedule a trial with your makeup artist as well. Getting the makeup artist to understand what you are going for and being on the same page is essential to avoid a look that you aren’t happy about on the day.
  2. Avoid experimenting with makeup on the big day, If you never a certain look, the day you walk down the aisle would not be an appropriate  one to experiment. Look to accentuate your features to look your best rather than look like somebody else
  3. Do not neglect makeup for the rest of your body. If you are wearing a strapless gown or an outfit that exposes your arms or back, using a shimmer lotion such as Red Carpet Kolour Luminous Body Glow, mixed in with a few drop of foundation and applied to your neck, arms and back will seamlessly transition the makeup applied around the face area to other areas.
  4. You have going to dancing around, kissing, hugging, the odd tears and also the weather which could be humid and sunny for which you would want all of your application smudge-proof.
  5. If you are using airbrushing as a method of application keep in mind that touch-ups are harder and also airbrushed makeup uses a blanket like coverage across the face that can wipe-off your natural glow
  6. You would need a handy touch up kit with everything that was used when you applied your makeup. The entire day can be a really long one and you might need a quick fix on your makeup if required.
  7. A lip stain is a recommended over lipstick as these last longer
  8. An use of a highlighter over your forehead and upper lip to get a matte effect would balance your overall look, if your skin is oily your photographs would be a bit shinny and a gleaming upper lip would appear to be sweating it off.
  9. If you haven’t used false lashes before, get a few tried out a couple of days or so before the big day instead of experimenting with it on the d-day
  10. Applying primer only to the areas that tend to get oily instead of doing so for the entire face.
  11. Avoid waxing or doing your eyebrows on the day you are walking down the aisle, make an appointment several days in advance to avoid an random reaction or red bumps on the big day
  12. If you are getting a tan sprayed on schedule a trial run a month in advance of you tying the knot, this way you will be able to get a good idea of how the results would look like.
  13. Too much of foundation would like unnatural so instead use a waterproof foundation in places where required.

Get started with us and know more about how we can get you looking your best on your special day.

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Bridal Makeup Tips

Few Do’s and Don’t’s that will help you with your Makeup on your Wedding day

Few Do’s and Don’t’s that will help you with your Makeup on your Wedding day

Getting you that flawless look is what this post is all about! You have chosen the dress, accessories and shoes,  all you need is your beauty to go along with it, so here are a few pointers that I have complied based on my experience and that of my colleagues in the industry.

First, lets address the DONT’s

  1. Not Testing your make up with florescent lighting indoors or and also towards the sunset hours.’ – Discuss it with your makeup artist in advance
  2. Having the makeup artist deciding on your look and not carrying it off.’ – Having recommendations and the confidence to carry it well is approach especially when the artist does not know you or your personality too well. The artist might not be aware of how you would want to look.
  3. Plastering up the makeup for the photographs.’ – Pros would advice the use of translucent and blotting powders along with a matte T-Zone application rather than piling up layers.
  4.  ‘Blindly going with anything trendy’.  Rather than creating a statement with a make-up that is bold opt for the classic’s, something trendy may look better on a magazine photo but not necessarily in person.
  5. Hesitating  for a bit brighter look’. Colors look marginally low-toned on photographs, so getting a choice of lipstick a few shades brighter than usual would look very natural in photos.
  6. ‘Restricting the application to only your face’.  Choosing to extend all the way to your neck and shoulders if required as your skin tones needs to look natural and even to your body’s texture.
  7. ‘Choosing to go too dark around the eyes’.  Shades too dense around the eyes would create an uneven look to the rest of the makeup, define the eye areas by gently applying color in the crease.
  8. In a hurry to apply and finish’. Plan for at least an hour period in the day’s schedule for makeup application in advance.

 The Do’s

  1. ‘Set up the trial days within a three week period from the date of the big day and not more than a 5 week period.
  2. ‘Get your trials with a white T-shirt or outfit to match the wedding days colors. Get photos indoor as well as outdoors to see the results against lighting and also photography
  3. Speak to your makeup artist to hide any darkness around the eyes with concealer and corrector.
  4. Consult with your makeup artist with images and references rather than describing a particular style. Keep in mind that certain trends and applications need to account for the right skin color as well.
  5. Remember the whiteness of the dress is strong hence the makeup should be able to compliment this color which is unlike an everyday dress. Adding color gradually to your lips and cheeks will be the best approach.
  6. Choose Individuals eyelashes over the whole strip, this would give you control of various lengths and placement.
  7.  Using professional products. Ranges from MAC’s Prolongwear includes superior wear  foundations, lip & eye products including foundations that last and look great all throughout the day.
  8. Research your makeup artist application methods
Going about working with a Makeup Artist

Going about working with a Makeup Artist

Applying makeup by yourself and by a professional make-up artist makes a world of a difference. A pro is fully aware of how you can get makeup to look natural in photographs and also last all day long. Hiring a professional for your makeup will get you to look your best on your wedding day, here is an a few tips on how you can go about hiring one.

How to find the right artist

–          A lot of word of mouth publicity of previous works done that your friends know is ideal, so a good place to start would be getting a few names and numbers from your friends

–          Department stores is another source of finding good talent, talking to consultants at cosmetic counters will give you a fair idea of what people work is like and their experience in the field

–          If you have finalized your photographers you could ask him whether his has worked with make-up artists in the past which he could recommend.

–          Your hairstylist is yet another person who is in a position to recommend you a makeup artist.

–           There are plenty of vendor search options you can explore based on your city or location. Read reviews and pricing and also book a free consultation session to explore different artists


Working with the makeup artist of your choice

–          A great way to get started is to collect pictures and references to show the makeup artist of the look you have in mind.  Keep the experimenting to a bare minimum for the occasion, go for a look at is a enhanced version of your features

–          Schedule a trial round of makeup just to get a look and feel of how the final look would be.  Most makeup artists charge for a trial round, although this would cost you, you can rest assured as you would be aware of how you wedding make-up would look like.

–          Keep the makeup from the trial rounds for a good 4-5 hours to check whether it still holds or if there are any color changes or even there are any allergic reactions.

–          A few makeup artists charge  traveling fees  if there is a lot of travel involved or even if they have to make a house call. You would then have to decide whether you want the artist to travel to your home and whether it is convenient for everyone getting their make-up done as well.

–          Check with the artist about the backup in-case she cannot make it on the day you are tying the knot.

–          Lastly also check if the number of hours the artist would take as a standard charge and how much it would additionally cost for every extra hour and additional person.

What makes bridal make up different from standard makeup

What makes bridal make up different from standard makeup

Bridal makeup can be very tricky in terms of price range and quality of application. On one had you do not want to scale down your look for the big day and on the other hand your do not want to overspend and go overboard with it.  You do not want to pile on layers of application, put on too much and at the same time want it to hold all throughout the day. Every wedding photographer when asked would tell you to have a matte  finish as this avoids the ‘shine’ that can show up on photos.

Professional makeup artists use several techniques to create the right look for you depending on your skin tones, face shape, skin texture and eating habits. Professionals use plenty of products such as various types of foundations, concealers and primers which vary in different quantity and techniques of application. The use of high quality brushes and special sponges  allows better control for the finer areas of the face like around the nose and eyes.  Professional bring along their wide range of trained skills that are complete contrast to the application of everyday makeup. A small example would be, many would tell you to apply foundations and blushes over a moist skin, but in doing so you make the makeup stick to the skin which quickly make its dry and patchy without any space to breathe. You need it to be slightly drier to give it a much natural look.

Applying makeup at home gets a bit complex if you are planning to use products for the first time. Ideally you would need days to experiment to understand  the right methods of usage, match it to your skin color and apply it in the right quantity. No doubt it works out as a cost effective solution but to achieve the right look, undoubtedly professional artists would yield better results as they bring about their own trade secrets that would take hours if not days to master.  Another example would be how lighter colors are applied around the bridge of the nose and around the corners of the eye areas to elevate the eyes to stand out.  Such an application technique might not be known to an average person who is not familiar to applying makeup.

Do keep in mind though that many professionals (including me) offer makeup lessons that teach you how to achieve the right look. You will learn what would look best on you which you replicate by yourself whenever required.

A full Manicure at your Home: DIY

Most women would admit their weakness for a manicure and how they don’t have the time to get to regular appointments every time they feel like getting one. I was thought by a professional manicurist on how I can get them done at them done at the comforts of my own home and get the end result to look as good as getting it done by the pros not forgetting that they work to be extremely cheap as well. Most of the product that you will be using can be consumed multiple times  averaging out to under $20.


To begin your manicure, you would have to gently file and shape each nail by strolling in a single direction. Remember to drag the nail file back and forth in a smooth motion moving back an forth. Unless you are going for something different, find the natural shape of your nails and file away smoothly in strokes.

Next would be to clean your nails of any earlier nail-polish if you haven’t started with clean nails. You would need some rubbing alcohol and water mixed in a 2:1 ratio. You could even save the access solution in a capped bottle for future use. From here, wait for your nails to dry and apply a base coat of clear nail polish. For those who have weak nails a strengthening base coat would be recommended.



Every professional would recommend two layers of polish, the first layer being much more thicker than the second layer. Brushing in vertical strokes will have uniformity in thickness and would also have the application look neat and clean. A pro tip is to also apply a horizontal strip along the top edge to act a layer of protection against damage or chipping.
Most would be in a hurry to end here, but avoiding this next step leads to faster fading, wear and tear. You need to add a top coat to seal in the color and enhance it shine and gloss. Try this on colors that are pastel shades and you will immediately see the difference on applying this additional layer. Next, get the nail dryer (investing in one is highly recommended if you don’t have one,) to let the polish dry away.
Here is another pro tip! Get yourself a small portion of cuticle oil. Applying after your top coat is nice and dry will keep your cuticles soft and reduces nicks in the manicure. You could also add a coat of clear strengthener every alternate day to get the manicure to last for a week or so.
Well, it isn’t very difficult to get the hang of it if you give it a go a few times as you watch TV or even as you relax to enjoy a pretty manicure at home at your time and convenience!

Pro Tips for Hot and Humid Weather Bridal Makeup

Pro Tips for Hot and Humid Weather Bridal Makeup

Picture This:  A beach wedding by WWE & CO. in the beautiful coastline of Benaulim in Goa. With the bright blue Arabian sea in the background, the swaying coconut palms and lush green fields  all around. A beautiful bride in her stunning white gown is all smiles on the most amazing day of her life. Now she is by the coast, the weather; hot and humid making her sweat, with the sun burning down. Her makeup is giving way and sliding off due to the oil and sweat!

When the right products are not used, makeup can turn on a oily mess with the heat that turns the skins greasy. So what is the solution? The right choice of products, application techniques  and avoiding oily applications as for as possible is most recommended. Various products have oil free versions that you can choose from.  Keep the shine on your face to a minimum as these add to light and reflect on your face when photographed which would appear to look oily.  Face powder when used for a base coat can take over, so keep in mind to use very little of it. I have got a few other tips for you as well, I used these methods and products while I took up a project  for a  wedding planning team while on holiday last December and have had good success with it.

At the beginning

Ensure that the skin is clean by washing it off gently with clay cleanser to gently remove all the oils and grime from it  using Dermalogica, do not leaving it too dry.  The next step would be adding a lotion as a moisturizer if you are going to use foundation.  Keeping in mind to not use any creams as they have more oil content than water unlike lotions. Using a UVA sunscreen lotion that has no Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide which are generally very thick and tends to get  greasy.

 Applying the Foundation

Less coverage is required if you have young and vibrant skin as you will require to for a tinted moisturizer.  Lauran Mercier is product that is made for such climates as it is oil free with strong sun protection.  Concealers can be used where needed to cover up the odd blemishes using oil-blotting papers to blot up the access.

Working with the Eyes

Get started with the eyes with Colour Me Beautiful as a base which will help the makeup stay in stay-on without any creasing.  Use a brush to blend with matt powder shadows without any creams. To define the shape of the eyebrows use a neutral color first then use a light color under the arch.  Define the eyes with a eye pencil and then gently use a flat brush to blend the line with more power eye shadow.

Use a Blusher along with a Bronzer

Here again use powdered versions of bronzers where the sun will hit you the most, in areas such as the forehead, on the cheekbones, around the nose and chin. Dab a blush of your choice on the cheeks as well.

Get started with the Lips

For the lips keeps it basic with a lip gloss of your choice, there are so many to choose from so feel free to pick one that you like. If you would like to add another element to it, use a lip pencil to define the outlines after-which you can add the color in. You can take this a step further by adding another coat after you blot the lipstick with an oil blotting paper.

Finishing up

To finish up use a fine spray of water across the face to help set it all up. Ensure that you try all the products that you plan to use in advance in your makeup rehearsals.


Thanks to the folks at WWE and Co, for giving me the opportunity to be a party of this beautiful beach wedding.


Applying Wedding Party Make up and Getting  a model  like glow for your big day in just six steps

Applying Wedding Party Make up and Getting a model like glow for your big day in just six steps

Getting that glowing and fresh complexion is exactly the type of skin every bride would want for he wedding day. I have complied a few steps that you can take to achieve that perfect glow.

1. Get started with Primer

Primer helps your make-up set smoothly whether you have dry or  oily skin. Its also helps your makeup last longer and give it a much more natural look. I have used and recommend is Laura Mercier Foundation Primer


2. Mixing liquid foundation with a bit of moisturizer

Used by the professional, this trick will dilute the foundation to give with a sleek yet dewy finish,however you would need a pigment to blend the two together, you can try Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops

3. The right set of tools

Makeup artists use a wide variety of brushes along with sponges to apply foundation in a thin layer evenly at the same time use their fingers to work around the smaller spaces, such as around the nose.

4. Enhancing the glow

Applying g cream blush gently around the cheeks along with a smoothing cream highlighter will create a natural looking glow, you can use Stila Convertible Color Blush and RMS Beauty Living Luminize


5. Use Power to set if you have an oily skin

Without going overboard with it set with fine particular power such as Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

6. To Finish, use setting spray

You would need setting spray for your makeup to last throughout the day, a spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Last Makeup Setting Spray will seal your makeup t last in even ho and humid weather conditions

For a Bronzey Smokey Eye Look

Having uniformity and achieving a sophisticated and natural look is the first thumb rule of applying make to the bridal party. You need to strike the right balance and tone across all the bridesmaids. It shouldn’t appear as one has plenty of makeup going on and another with no makeup at all. This often shows up in photographs and looks very distracting; at the same time it also draws away attention from the bride and her look on the special day.

So, having the right balance between all the bridesmaids with similar makeup styles is the first rule of thumb.

Enhance the eyes a bit more than usual to suit the occasion but keeps the makeup classic
Applying half a lash of false eyelashes will open up the eyes if you add them towards the corner of the eye.

To bring out the eye color add a slightly dark liner with a hint of plum eyeshadow that is shaded to add color.

Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette

Applying bronzer to the face areas will nice warm up the skin and work as a nice base for further applications

To brighten up the face and give it a natural look run a soft pink brush to give it a natural hue
Apply pink lip gloss as well

Dior Beauty
Pink Champagne Collection

Laura Mercier
Bronzed Pressed Powder